Global Church Advancement – Church Planting and Renewal Conference

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Location: Orlando, FL
Dates: January 27 – 30, 2009 (Tues-Fri)

Thousands of leaders from over 100 denominations and 25 nations have profited from this practical, hands-on training. Give your church plant – and the community you seek to transform by the power of the gospel – the benefit of this excellent church planter training!

This is one of the best conferences for church planters. Learn more about this GCA Conference.

  • Luke Simmons

    October 8, 2008, 8:45 am

    I went to GCA this past summer and it was an incredible training. I’m planting in southeast Phoenix and found this to be a great time. My wife went too and it helped us both tremendously.

  • Amy Sherman

    October 10, 2008, 10:09 am

    Dear Drew,

    I recently discovered your online presence and see that we have some similar interests and concerns. I wanted to contact you for two quick reasons:

    1) To let you know about — a clearinghouse with very extensive (and mostly free) resources for community ministry practitioners;

    2) To ask you for your mailing address, as I would like to send you a free copy of my devotional booklet, Sharing God‚Äôs Heart for the Poor: Meditations for Prayer, Worship, and Service. If you eamil me, I’d be happy to send you an e-version of one of the devotionals.

    I’ve been involved in church-based community ministry for twenty years; founded and formerly directed an urban ministry in Virginia; and now serve as a “minister to ministries” by offering capacity building services. (For more info, see my website at My team and I spent years putting FASTEN together (with support from the Pew Charitable Trusts and others) and want to see the site better marketed. If you take a look and find it valuable, I’d greatly appreciate your mentioning it in your blog/website/newsletter. Ditto for my devotional booklet, which sells for $3/each plus shipping. I offer discounts for groups that wish to purchase it in bulk. I’ve sold over 20,000 of them and they are often used as preparatory materials for short-term mission trips and in adult Sunday School classes.

    Thanks so much for your consideration of this.

    Amy Sherman, Ph.D.