Funding Your Church Plant

Session from the National New Church Conference
Teacher: Dr. Tom Jones, Regional Director Stadia East

This session went over an introduction to raising funds for a church planter. Dr. Jones outlined different finance models such as the Mother church, Associations, Denominations, Network, Self-Support, Lay Launch teams, Business-supported and other models. When it comes to raising funds Dr. Jones suggests that you "Make sure you are clear about your call and vision, asking questions such as:

What do I feel called to do?
Where am I called to do it?
Why there?
Why me?
When are we going to do it?
How (strategy) will we do it?
Who is partnering with us?
How much money will it take?
How can others partner with us?
Does my vision touch people's hearts? Do they laugh? Do they cry? Do they get excited and ask questions?

Dr. Jones recommends that a team requires every member to raise funds. Make an exhaustive list of contacts (friends, family, relatives, etc.), churches and other organizations that might support them. Ask individuals to give for 1-3 years monthly of $500, $300, $100 or other amount. Share the stories of what is happening. Make a goal of beings self-supporting within 2-5 years and communicate this.

Dr. Jones ended with Ten Principles that Lead to Financial Independence

1. Balanced, biblical stewardship training creates a spiritually mature church.
2. communicate the vision of the church over and over again.
3. Develop leaders who are models in giving.
4. Be a generous-minded, giving church from the very beginning
5. Teach committed, sacrificial giving at membership
6, John Maxwell stresses that if you want more money or more talents then find more pockets.

* People who attend church, but are not good stewards
* people outside the church
* present givers

7. Keep congregational morale high.
8. Keep the congregation tuned in.

* Facts-where do we stand?
* Focus-where are we going with this money?
* Faces-who benefils? Always put faces with money.

9. After the first year, schedule an annual stewardship emphasis month.

* One Stadia plant this year went from a 10 week average offering of $2326 to a 10 week average offering of $3967, after a stewardship emphasis month. The new church experienced a 70% increase.

10. Be creative when raising funds.

UPDATE: The Tentmaker Group has launched to help church planters raise funding

  • Pastor Cornelius marangu Ngaine

    July 26, 2006, 5:38 am

    Beautiful Gate Gospel Church and Ministries
    P. O. Box 79665-00200
    City Square

    Dear Partners in Great Commission.

    Greetings in the Name of Jesus. My name is Cornelius Marangu Ngaine. Professionally I am a primary school trained teacher. In 1992 God called me to His service while teaching in the remotest part of North Eastern Province of Kenya, a semi arid region inhabited by Somali Muslims. Immediately after the call I started witnessing to them and the result was brutal persecution and immediate transfer to my home province.

    I continued to witness while teaching in primary school until the year 2000 when God ordered me to leave everything to my three brothers and go to a place where He wanted me to begin afresh.

    I came to Nairobi and He directed me to go to the slums of majengo where almost everyone is again a Muslim. There are many mosques in this place and I believe God brought me to this place because of the previous experience. Also in this place most people are very poor living below poverty line. People are converted to Islam thinking they will get support but it is a lie. They only get it in the month of ‘Ramadan’.

    Despite much persecution, I am managing to evangelize to them and they are getting converted. Most of these people are engaged in prostitution, local brew sellers, drug addicts, criminal’s hideout, street children, single mothers, touts, orphans, ex- prisoners, refugees, gender violence HIV /Aids victims etc.

    The ones who started churches before me, have done almost nothing to change the lives of these people as far as poverty alleviation is concerned. Instead they have fled for fear of persecution and have gone elsewhere although foreign donors have sponsored them for the same community development. Majority of the inhabitants in this slum area are Muslims and having worked among the Muslims I feel I am the right person to reach this community.

    My greatest obstacle is money. The small church I have started I earn less than 100 American dollars a month. This is too little to meet my basic needs and educate my three children.

    To prove God has called me, my ministry as signs and wonders accompanying. I get support from friends. The people I minister to also bless me with anything God touches them to give. But everything I do or give is free.

    I am married to Ann and we are blessed with three children namely; Eric Monee 23 years, Ruth Karwitha 11years and Victor Mawira 1¬? years, who God give us after six miscarriages because of refusing to obey His calling. My children are on and off to school because of lack of school fees, but I believe they will finish their education because our God‚Äôs is Jehovah Jirre ‚ÄúGod will provide‚Äù.

    I feel many projects can be started in this hostile environment to alleviate poverty and I am playing for any support both financial and material. There are over ¬? million people in this region, I am also inviting volunteer missionaries and all interested donor organizations to come and evaluate this place to prove me wrong, because pastors in this country are preachers and not sincere servants of God as they profess Phil.3: 18-19.

    I believe this document will find you saved and Spirit filled because this is the only way you can understand me.

    I have tried to write to many donor organizations, but they are giving me conditions I can’t meet, because I have no money for things like writing proposals, taking many photographs, starting feeding programmes etc. I invite you or your representatives to come and see the reality in this place. I need God willing, partnership or affiliation because God has helped me to register this ministry with the Kenyan government. Therefore “Beautiful Gate Gospel Church and Ministries” is a legal organization which is non-profit making registered in Kenya.

    I need the following for the community; Bibles, clothes, food, medicines, hospital, school, sleeping bags, simple preaching equipments, bicycles, computers, toilets, library, vocational training equipments and tools, half way homes for ex-prisoners, sporting facilities for the youth in order to keep them busy, because idle mind is devil’s workshop etc.

    If you feel touched to support this community and also my basic needs including my children education, you can donate through western union money transfer or Equity Bank, Mama Ngina Street Branch Account Number 015-12379 Nairobi, Kenya.

    God Bless you as you meditate on this testimony.

    Pastor Cornelius Marangu Ngaine . Cell: +254721668679

  • Rev. Ebenezer Appiagyei

    March 15, 2007, 8:58 pm

    I want more information about your ministry. I mmay want to partner with you

  • Zohaib

    March 26, 2007, 7:10 am

    we want to make a chruch and we need for funds. Please give us some funds so that we make the chruch.

  • Cornelius marangu ngaine

    May 26, 2007, 6:22 am

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,
    I only want you to partner with me in church planting in Kenya and also in your countries. We can talk more if you are interested.
    my email is
    Pastor Cornelius marangu Ngaine

  • pastor sam

    July 16, 2007, 11:37 pm

    am starting a church and i need surport please advice

  • boniface kangrthe njoroge

    September 8, 2007, 5:13 am

    Dear brothrs and sisters
    REF :Appeal for grant
    Receive my warmest grrrtings from me and fellow church members,in the nameof Jesus.I am Pastor Boniface kangethe Njoroge of Bethel ChristianChurch.Sir we are seeking a sponser who might assist as to buy a (5)acre plot and build a good church and a school catering for street children and orphans.It is from the above therefore that i feel the mercies of God will touch you and help us on this noble work.
    Below is the breakdown of the expenses

    constraction cost
    of the church usd 30 000
    of the school usd 50 000
    Plot usd 30 000
    total cost usd 110 000
    Once again let me conclude hoping for respond coming from you soon and hoping that one day you will visit us here in Kenya
    God bless you
    Pastor Boniface Kangethe Njoroge
    p.o box 548-00208 ngong


    September 21, 2007, 6:04 am

    Dear brothers and Sisters in Australia
    I have known only one american lady when i was starting my rural most ministry in Kenya. It is now established with over 250 members. Spiritual revival wind came to us in 2003 and almost half the congregation was filled with the Holy Spirit. The Lord commanded us to start evangelizing to the Youths of this Village, the women and the men. To go to the brewing zones and preach against the culture of Wife Inheritance, misconception of the Girl Child Education, Addiction in Youth and Child prostitution.

    It is at this point that we realized this american lady do not accept 1. Holy Spirit baptism 2. Evangelism 3. concept of salvation etc.

    This has made our work very difficult. She responded by withdrawing her financial support.

    95% of our members consists of widows and orphans who cannot support our ministry agreat deal.

    We are now sending a fervent call to any brother or Sister from Australia who can take our hands in this noble call.
    God bless you

  • valentine

    September 29, 2007, 7:43 am

    My name is Valentine.
    I am a young man with a passion for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, especially in the area of Missions and catalyzing renewal through prayer. I am a born again Christian living in the UK.
    I am looking for Missionaries in the UK or else were who have interest for Missions in Nigeria to join, because of the re-echoed voice of God instruting me for a mission in the Muslam city of the nation called Gumbe state Nigeria… I still need a spiritual advice, guidlines,motivations, spiritual- material and finance support to carry on as i have made up my mind to obey.

    Before coming to the UK I ran a youth organization called Youth Development Foundation at Orlu Imo State, South Eastern Nigeria for over five (5) years. The Centre was designed to encourage and equip young people for effective living that will transcend to their positively affecting their society and uplift the banner of righteousness through Christ Jesus in their localities. The approach involved discipleship training, personal (self) and spiritual development training, workshops and seminars for motivation, career and skill acquisition/development. The Resource Persons for these programs were well-rounded Christian men and women who had good reports. This centre also partnered with the Local Churches for developing a broad-based Christian Youth Development program for the development of the total-man – spiritually, materially, mentally, academically etc. The Centre, however, discontinued due to financial inadequacy as a result of poor financial partnership, as we could not find strong financial partners amongst the Local people. Within this period also I was seriously engaged in the Ministry of Care. I visit hospitals to pray for the sick and the dying. I mobilized scarce resources to provide toiletries and foodstuff for them during these visitations. Powerful and life-changing testimonies followed these visitations. They were series of salvation stories and miraculous healing and restoration of good health in the lives of many visited.

    I was equally engaged in Street Witnessing, involving intensive witnessing along strategic Streets and Avenues in my locality. People in their tens responded to this Witness by yielding their lives to the saving grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. All these experiences made my joy to know no bounds.

    This passion has been reawakened again here in the UK, after God spoke to me recentle that i have {A REBELIOUSE HEART} thus I am seriously searching for groups and individuals with Mission base in my home-country Nigeria Gumbe state where God specifically instructed to go before i ran to Englad to a greener pasture, or who wish to have such to partner with to develop and harvest souls in strategic Mission fields in the Muslam Nothern part of the Nigeria, called Gombe state where God told me to go and plant a church in the year 2005 but due to the massive killing of the the christians between 2000 till date i was scared and ran to England. I really battled with my spirit for years on how to go home and i seek your spiritual guidlines..

    I can be reached at and +44 7727033106

    Thank you for your time and God bless you.

    Yours in His Service,
    Valentine U.

  • Bishop Moses Mati

    January 20, 2008, 10:31 pm

    Dear Brethren My name is Moses mati Bishop and founder of immanuel salvation christian centre. our vision is to reach to unreached by outreaches and planting churches. I apeal to anyone who have spirit to help or partiner with us to reach our vision. this year we started a project called immanuel churc planting and outreaches that will cost us 190,000 please help us where we can get a somebody to fund us. Yours Moses Mati, for more info vist our website


    February 4, 2008, 8:03 am

    am doing youth ministry in nairobi kenya,we use creative ways like dances , plays , music to reach students in high schools, the lord has placed in my heart the burden to disciple and teach this youths the word, we need partners to pray for us support finicially by helping us buy public adress , pay transport expences and pay the rent for a hall thanks and may the lord bless you , for more info contact me thru my email or cell phone =254720654658

  • Samuel Nazir

    March 23, 2008, 11:19 pm

    Dear friends in Christ,

    I am working with young people in Pakistan. Regularly organizing Bible Youth Camps – usually the participants are 50% sponsored – But I feel its a need of today to day to hold our young people with Jesus Christ in last days. Introducing them them to Jesus and to Salvation which is through Him alone and equipping them for service.

    There is great need to organized more of these evants like Bible camps – Bible youth conferences and awareness of thier responsibiliteis to carry the gopel message to all human kind. (Matthew 28:18-20)

    I would appeal all who feel to be partner in those projects stated above.

    God bless all who work for Him – and His kingdom.

    Samuel Nazir
    +92 345 2300153

  • Rev.S. Sagayaraj

    April 29, 2008, 7:11 am

    We need funds for Church planting. Please give us some funds.

    Please contact us on 91-9886633465(Vice President)

  • Jayadeep Kishore

    July 24, 2008, 10:48 am

    we are running “Gospel Divine Vision Ministries” in india at hyderabad. We are running an church at our prayer hall in our house rounabout 75 people are atteding which conjusted place for worship.

    In fact we are hindus with strong religious background family visiting temples, breaking coconuts and performing poojas as order of the day and to have a peace life. After some time and all of sudden several problems have creeped into our family which could not be solved by them resulting in dwindling of peace in the family. To avoid these problems such as (frequently accidents, falling sick, debts etc) and peace to be restored we have visited some historical temples and offered poojas and vrathams and all were proved waste. We were asked to go to Famous temples so all our problems would be settled and lot of peace restored without fail my daddy friends said in his office known as Bharat Heavy electricals Limited.
    To get rid of these problems some how and insisted by some of the people around us we have gone to temples. While we are proceeding to temples vigorously a feeble voice was heard My my Mother very clearly why you are worshipping these are only stones, nothing is there in that it was said.based on the voice heard by My mother on temple must be from true God who crucified and killed on the cross for our sins of the people he is Jesus and nothing else. According all family members repented in our hearts and received jesus as our personal saviour and God and had baptism on 10-2-1991.
    After coming to Jesus our Lord God: After baptism our problems cited above were got settled peacefully and had become the follower of Jesus, doing evangelism, preaching Gospel on the roads/streets by challenging Jesus only true God. As we were doing so on one fine morning one Big iron hook double sided one attached to an iron rod was descending from upwards in an hanging position when my daddy( Pastor.Sathyam) was on bed looking up around on 1-3-1997 at 7.00 Am. He was trembled to see with fear that what would happen. Accordingly it has come to him was there in front of his bed in hanging position atleast 10 seconds then disappeared.
    On meditations further to know about the cause of the vision it has been revealed later on Jeremiah 1:10/2 Cor 10:5,6,7) a new ministry like “Gospel Divine Vision Ministries appeared in front of my Daddy( Pastor Sathym) in a miraculous way. As such the above ministry is now functioning effectively by conducting Conventions , Revival meetings, Indorr/Outdoor evangelism, Feeding the poor, Children Homes, school , helping the poor, digging borewells,Distributing Gospel Message tracts. To Go forward we are unable to met all fiancial needs for all Gods Services.

    So we are looking for sponsor for church land , construction for 2000 beleivers capacity which costs
    $ 40000 dollars land and construiction cost. If you have heart or if you are not able to reach india we will reach india through this project if you come forward to build up the God’s tabernacle.

  • Pastor Rusty Shumate

    October 3, 2008, 10:33 am

    I am planting a Church in Huntersville, NC and we are in need of $30,000 to acquire a facility. The growth in this area is well above national averages and has occurred in just the last few years. Therefore, it is difficult to find a facility that can be used for a Church so the cost is more than we originally anticipated. The population here was 9,900 in 1990 and currently it is 44,000 and is forecast to be 91,000 by 2018. This tremendous growth alone indicates the great need for Solid Bible Believing Christian Churches and Ministries in this area.
    If you can assist or advise, please contact me at or call me 704-765-1767. May God Richly Bless You!

    Pastor Rusty

  • Brian D. Marshall

    March 13, 2009, 9:03 am

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    We are planting a church in St. George, UT. This is the heart of Mormonism country. Wow isn’t God exciting. If you want to be bored and comfortable, then biblical christianity is not for you. If you do want to be an effective member of the body of Christ I would like to extend this opportunity to all. God has graciously placed in our hearts a great love for an area and groups of people that most christians and denominations have “written-off”. We are currently awaiting our non-profit status from the irs. But that has not stopped us from evangelizing this area.
    St. George, UT, as of 2007, was the fastest growing city in the United States. People are literally flooding into this area. The culture is a mix of New-Agist and Mormons. There are a few small protestant congregations. The city is in close proximity to Indian Reservations as well. This is an awesomely exciting opportunity for the Body as a whole to operate as Jesus intended. We are not affiliated with any denomination. As we refuse to be “labeled” as anything but followers of the “Way” as Christ so tenderly directed. We have over 200 people who are eagerly awaiting our launch in St. George. They are waiting to feast on the Word of God. The time has come, the fields are white with the harvest. Again, we want to extend this opportunity to all to partner with us in building the kingdom. God is well able to accomplish what He has begun. We want all to be blessed in this opportunity. Many will be. Please, after much prayer and seeking Gods’ Will, consider partnering with us. May God Bless You! For more in-depth info on our ministry please contact me via e-mail.


  • pastor

    April 1, 2009, 10:56 pm

    i am in god’s ministry for the past 26 years and have a vision to build a church and an orphanage in the rural areas of southern tip of india.Looking for funds.
    if gods willing you may contact me at

  • David McNabb

    July 1, 2010, 12:24 pm

    I am called to do a church plant in Scotland, can I get on this web site to seek support for my mission?

  • George Pile

    December 27, 2010, 7:25 am

    I am delighted to learn that there are people and organizations committed to the glorious enterprise of Church planting. I have been a Church planter for the past 20 years and I have come to conclude that the Church is the only institution on earth to plant the truth of God’s Word to the lost and withering humanity. I am a leader in the Africa Inland Church, Kenya, a denomination planted by Africa Inland Missionaties more than 100 years ago. I would be greatful if your organization would parter with us in this noble service to God. My contact is AIC Kenya, P.O. Box 45019, NAIROBI, KENYA. Mobile 254-711 884 862, email Thanks.

  • Sergio E. Repaso

    March 3, 2011, 8:27 pm

    I’m now planting a church in the Philippines but our problem, we don’t have a place of worship and other materials for christian education. we are just meeting in a small house of anew believer,can you have a program of support wherein we can have our permanent place of worship?

    Brother in Christ,

    Sergio Repaso

  • bishop Ephantus Ireri Kathagana

    March 4, 2011, 5:53 am

    Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord and servants of God.
    I am charged with the responsibility of reaching people in the rural areas of Kenya where poverty is the king of the day there.
    I am heading rural congregations of about 1500 Christians most of the widows and orphans. I have to work sometimes elsewhere to be able to assist some of them.
    I started this work long time ago, yet i have never seen somebody who would help me help these people.
    However, i thank God always because He found me to be fit to do this kind of work. Iam now appealing to the people of good will to assist me in planting more churches in Mbeere and Kitui districts of Kenya. This two districts can be hot sometimes and poverty actually is experienced many a time because of drought.God bless you as you accept to donate to the Free Charismatic Gospel Ministry Department of Evangelism and Mission.

  • Frederick Alang Kum

    April 18, 2011, 5:05 pm

    Beloved Brother Goodmanson and team,
    Praise the Lord!

    I got into your website and decided to write you. I am a missionary to Guinea-Bissau the 206th poorest country in economic ranking out of a total of 209. We have 8 small churches planted since 2003. Majority of the membership are primary and secondary school children who can hardly help the work. However we are committed to preaching the gospel. winning souls and planting churches. But funding a new church planting mission if very difficult for us. I therefore write to request your assistance in this direction as we plan to plan 5 churches in five localities in Guinea-Bissau ie Canchungo, Cacheu, Caio, the island of Jeta and Caiomet. Please, link us to funding sorces and reccommend us to friends for partnership.
    Thank you

    Frederick Alang kum(Pastor)

  • sylvia

    May 11, 2011, 1:55 am

    We have started missionary work in South Africa remote rural area where poverty and HIV are very high. We invite partners who would assist with funds for rental of church building as well as materials such as Bibles to reach out.

    We believe in the Holy Trininty and in the Power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives. Please respond to this email