Free Derek Webb – How free is FREE?

derekwebb.gifDerek Webb's free CD is available!  And it is free.  Yet, I've been trained to think, nothing in life is free.  So what's the catch?  Derek Webb writes:

as an artist (and often an agitator), this is something i am keenly aware of. my most recent record 'mockingbird' deals with many sensitive issues including poverty, war, and the basic ethics by which we live and deal with others. but i found that music has been an exceptional means by which to get this potentially difficult conversation going. and this is certainly an important moment for dialogue amongst people who disagree about how to best love and take care of people, to get into the nuances of the issues.

one of the things that excites me most about the future of our business is how easy it is becoming to deliver music to people who want to hear it….so this is why, on september 1st, we're launching, a place where anyone can go online and not just hear but actually download, keep, and share 'mockingbird' completely for free. In addition, will give you an opportunity to invite your friends to download 'mockingbird' in order to get them in on the conversation as well.

we hope this bold campaign will provide a jumping off point for conversations about all of these issues, and communicate my commitment to playing my part in starting them. so please help us spread the word: on september 1st, 'mockingbird' will be set free! (Free Derek Webb site)

So what is the cost of free? 

First, Derek Webb gets to engage a larger audience to promote his 'agenda'.  Thankfully, I believe and support the conversation Derek Webb is trying to promote.  His use of free music is a valuable tool in the communication with (persuasion of) others as it relates to faith, God and "many sensitive issues including poverty, war, and the basic ethics by which we live and deal with others." Derek music does a great job speaking into this conversation.

Secondly, Derek Webb now has a lot of email addresses:

We will collect your e-mail address and zip code. We will store and use your e-mail address to send you updates, tour dates, new releases, news on Derek Webb, and merchandise for sale on the web site. This information will not be shared with, given, rented, or sold to third parties.  

noise-trade.gifOf course this is not new, we are all accustomed to handing out our email address in order to get something online.

Third, FreeDerekWebb is powered by NoiseTrade.  NoiseTrade provides free music and viral recommendation marketing.  This is a great idea to help artists capture interest in a world where survival requires a fan base.  (Yet, would this work with a lesser artist not of Derek Webb's status?  There already is a abundance of 'free' offerings for independent artists.  That remains to be seen.  Can Derek send an email to you to try you to migrate to other independent artists he recommends?  That waits to be seen.

CONCLUSION:  Free Derek Webb costs you your contact information. But after listening to the album, it is well worth the cost

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