Firing Missional Blanks

PB Beer Bong

I just spoke with a local Pastor in Pacific Beach. For those of you who don’t know about PB, it is a beach community in San Diego filled with surfers, lots of drugs and partying. Anyway this pastor spoke about how PB is a difficult mission field trying to reach these people who are “rebelling from their parents, the government and the church.”
Here’s what made me sad. I asked him how they were trying to reach this lost community. He answered, “We have a book store, we’re building a seniors community center and we have an event called Music Mosaics.” I asked him what ‘Music Mosaics’ was and he explained it was “high class music, choirs, organists, etc.”
Now I’m pretty curious. How many drug addict, street kids, surfers and abandoned post-college youth are they really reaching with these things? There’s got to be a time when many traditional mainline churches decide, let’s stop trying to reach more of us. Atheists debates don’t bring in non-christians, organists don’t get the homeless youth excited, X days of purpose programs will be rejected by a spiritually bancrupt, yet spiritually open community in this next generation. Am I wrong?