Emergent Interviews #4, 5

Two soundbites from people I interviewed:
Glenn Murdock Public Relations EmergentYS. Some people in the emergent movement are open to reinterpret everything. How we view God & the Bible. Most people believe the format needs to change but the principles stay intact.” Murdock attends The Flood, a local postmodern church.
Our parent’s generation just wanted people to tell them how it is. You are always going to need leaders. At an emerging church you are not going to get the 10-steps plan. You will hear all sorts of other views.

Charlie Johnson Church Resource Ministries. The purpose of CRM is to develop leaders to strengthen and start churches worldwide.
The philosophy of ministry in the emerging church is evolving and fluid. It changes with each new culture and time period so that we can be a tasty representation of Jesus. Traditional churches are based on a culture that is 100 years old. The emerging church is much more relational, community centered and do church with a holistic component. Traditional Christians often go to the church in order to consume from a religious service. People view church like a restaurant. The emerging church is a gathering of people and participate in the work.