Emergent Interview #2

Matt Mills started an experimental internet caf?© church. He‚Äôs at the EmergentYS Convention trying to figure out what the future church looks like. ‚ÄúPeople say they want to reach out to the unbeliever. The vast majority are just spiritual baby-sitting. Their churches end up reaching out to people raised in a Christian environment. At Mills caf?©, one-hundred percent of the people don‚Äôt identify with any religion or church. They are actually hostile towards church. Mills creates an environment to interact in a spiritual way. They host community groups for the people that live in the local neighborhood.

Mills sat with Akerson (Emergent Interview #1) and agreed with most of his answers. He added a couple of the following comments:
1. In your own words, what do you have to do to get to heaven?
Heaven is an after thought. Heaven isn’t a 401k program where we cash out. We need to live and have authentic relationships with other people. I believe you do move toward the Christian ideal of becoming like the nature and essence of Christ. There are ways of moving toward that and moving away from that. I have faith God will do the converting of people. We all are converting to what God is.
Christianity is not what most people think about it. A lot of Christians don’t know God. We are the Pharisees that Christ fought against.
19. What about divorce? Under what circumstances, if any, does God condone divorce?
Less people would get divorced if we let them live together before they got married.
22. How do you believe that God regards Mormons? The Angel Moroni?
The same as everyone. Moroni? That is bad marketing for them? It sounds like moron.