Ekklesia Church CMS Reviewed

Joe Vasquez posted an positive review of Ekklesia Church Website CMS on his blog. Ekklesia is also mentioned on the Blog Ministry site.

One of the coolest things I noticed about Ekklesia’s software is how easy it is to manage sermons. Not only can you easily manage based on topics, series, and speakers, but adding files is a snap. You can easily upload the audio version of your sermon and make your site a podcast. Podcasting is an easy and effective way to reach people. BloggingChurch.com brings up a good point with its post “Podcasting = Increased Attendance“.

Joe provides screenshots and description of a number of Ekklesia’s features. He summarizes:

A website is an investment, a must have for today’s harvest. A person’s first stop for looking up churches to visit is the Internet, more specifically a search engine. A well written, well implemented, and properly administered website will open doors and allow a church to reach people in a niche commonly overlooked.

We’re glad to see people’s positive responses and we have had a large number of churches sign-up this month for the Ekklesia Church Website Content Management System. Coming soon will be affiliate and referral programs for bloggers looking to make some extra cash!