How do you develop leaders at your church?  This is a common challenge for churches, who must utilize the volunteer pool to lead important ministries in their church.  Harbor Presbyterian, Kaleo Church and a group of other church planters meet monthly to discuss these types of challenges.  This is a document Dick Kaufmann put together that we will unpack further in the months to come.  The first 6-steps occur prior to identifying the leader and must be in place prior to the second 6.  (Based on a triperspectival model for those keeping track)

1.    Understand who develops leaders In developing leaders in the church, the most important question isn’t “how?” but “who?”  Who develops leaders?  The Bible makes it clear: Christ develops leaders in the church (Mt.16:18; Acts 1:1, 20:28; Ep.4:11).  Christ does it by exercising his leadership, in our midst, as:  prophet, priest and king.  

A.  Prophet – Authority >  Vision >  “This is where God is leading us!”

B.  King – Control >  Plan >  “This is how we can get there!”

C.    Priest – Presence >  People > “You can be a part of this.  I’ll help you!”

2.    Clarify the values we want to instill in leaders
A.  Gospel-Centered – Committed to viewing all of life through Gospel

B.  Missional – Committed to living in mission to engage culture

C.  Grace-Renewal – Committed to on-going grace renewal

3.    Commit yourself to developing leaders
To develop leaders you must be willing to:

A.  Share the ministry
B.  Make it a scheduling priority

C.    Pursue personal growth

4.    Cultivate and communicate vision  
Leaders who develop leaders cultivate and communicate Christ’s vision for:

A.  The work of the church (Mt.28:18-20; Mk.16:15-16; Lk.24:45-49; Acts 1:8)

B.  The development of leaders (Ep.4:7-13; 2Tim.2:2)

C.  The potential of each developing leader (Mt.4:19, 16:18; see also A. above)

5.    Organize the ministry

A.  Develop a Ministry Map  

B.  Insert existing leaders

C.  Use brackets to show needs

6.    Pray for leaders

"One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God." (Luke 6:12-13)
"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." (Mt. 9:37-38)

A.  Pray  

B.  Look

C.  Receive

7.    Understand the process

A.  Potential leaders  -To potential leaders, Jesus said, "Come and see" (Jn. 1:39). The key word during this phase is "know." The followers get to know Jesus, his character, his vision.  And Jesus gets to know the followers on their turf. (Mk. 1:16)

B.  Emerging leaders – to emerging leaders, Jesus said, "Come and follow me" (Mt. 4:19, Mk. 1:17). The key word during this phase is "show." Jesus models his life and ministry as the emerging leaders observe and listen.

C.  Existing leaders – to existing leaders, Jesus said, "Come and be with me" (Mk. 3:14). The key word during this phase is "grow." Jesus calls them into an intimate relationship with him and involves them in ministry.

8.    Know the potential leaders

A.  Where do you find them?  

B.  How will you get to know them?

C.  What’s the next step?

9.    Show the emerging leaders

A.  Identify (Three questions)

B.  Invite

C.  Involve

10.     Grow the existing leaders
What do they need from you?

A.  Clear expectations

B.  Personalized leadership

C.  Regular and honest feedback

11.      Take time to reflect

A.  Evaluate

B.  Celebrate

C.  Recalibrate

12.      Help your leaders develop leaders Things to consider as leadership needs/base expand

A.  Revise Ministry Map  

B.  Assist leaders in developing apprentices

C.  Facilitate leadership connections

Download  Church Planters’ Meeting Developing Leaders pdf