Anonymous Confessions of a Modern Day American Christian

Confessions ChristianI don’t know how to talk to people one-on-one. I only join groups to be entertained so I fumble at how to get to know people. So when I go places after an event is done, I leave. I don’t belong to any social groups. I spend more time [select one] blogging, playing video games, surfing the internet than I do getting to know others. I rarely evangelize. In fact, I can’t recall the last time I did. I really wish my church leaders would evangelise more, it would take the pressure off me. Usually when I talk with people, I am only as interested as the conversation relates to me. Most of the things I’m passionate about rotate around me. Church isn’t [select from the following] funny, short, entertaining, styled the way I like enough. If people become Christians I am glad, because it makes the world safer. Also, these people are usually excited about their faith and will volunteer for ministries I’d prefer not to do. I usually complain more about the church than do anything to help. I don’t serve anywhere. I accepted Jesus as my savior, but I wouldn’t say he’s my Lord. If I wrote down the 5 things I’m most passionate about, God would just miss the list. I wish being a Christian meant my life would be easier with more blessings.
If I post this on my blog, would people assume I’m the anonymous writer?