Anonymous Confessions of a Modern Day American Christian

Confessions ChristianI don’t know how to talk to people one-on-one. I only join groups to be entertained so I fumble at how to get to know people. So when I go places after an event is done, I leave. I don’t belong to any social groups. I spend more time [select one] blogging, playing video games, surfing the internet than I do getting to know others. I rarely evangelize. In fact, I can’t recall the last time I did. I really wish my church leaders would evangelise more, it would take the pressure off me. Usually when I talk with people, I am only as interested as the conversation relates to me. Most of the things I’m passionate about rotate around me. Church isn’t [select from the following] funny, short, entertaining, styled the way I like enough. If people become Christians I am glad, because it makes the world safer. Also, these people are usually excited about their faith and will volunteer for ministries I’d prefer not to do. I usually complain more about the church than do anything to help. I don’t serve anywhere. I accepted Jesus as my savior, but I wouldn’t say he’s my Lord. If I wrote down the 5 things I’m most passionate about, God would just miss the list. I wish being a Christian meant my life would be easier with more blessings.

If I post this on my blog, would people assume I’m the anonymous writer?

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  • Marcguyver

    November 2, 2005, 5:14 pm

    Wow, that is truly sad. I wonder if the ‘person’ actually had an encounter with the risen Lord?
    I can’t imagine truly comprehending all that God has done for me only to turn away and simply continue to live my life as if nothing had ever changed.
    I’m sure this ‘person’ will have a ‘rude awakeneing’ when they meet God face to face and they are held
    accountable for every word, action, and deed either done or undone. Surely the bible requires more from us as Christians (i.e. followers of Christ) then simply accepting him as Savior, I do believe we need to make him Lord as well. I would recommend that this ‘person’ read through the book of Romans to get a better persepctive of what Christianity is really all about.