Ekklesia 360 relaunched our website and we’re proud to announce that we have six design companies that are now partners. If your church needs a website here are the companies to contact:
Church Website Design Companies
Church Plant Media specializes in creating custom web sites for church plants. Through the process of working with many church planters, they recognized that the majority do not have the financial resources to create a custom web site. Church Plant Media was born to help church planters in this situation.

Aaron McClung Design is an award-winning design firm specializing in high-end custom designs. AM Design often integrates flash and cutting edge web design for churches.

316 Design is a design firm with many years of experience designing high quality professional graphics and advertising material. Their experience and professionalism can deliver for any church’s need.

MindLightning Design Group In today’s progressive society, successful churches are deploying culturally-relevant websites to create a response and impact lives. This process reaches beyond graphic design. MindLightning offers web design, print production, outreach planning, brand management services, and photography to aid churches in conveying their message of hope. The words and images you use to communicate should be bridging the gap between your church and your community. What are you showing them?

Rockbeatspaper is a design consultancy that creates simple, elegant and intuitive websites for churches and corporate clients. Rockbeatspaper has deep knowledge about web standards and modern design.

Direct Steps is spearheaded by Matt Heerema. Entering the field as a programmer, Matt has six years of experience in the Web design business. He has background in each aspect of the Web development process, and is currently obsessed with user friendliness in graphic and interface design.

Interested in becoming a Design Partner?
We continue to seek excellent partners to build the best websites for churches. If you would like to offer your church clients a state-of-the-art Content Management System and more or if you have tremendous church design experience, please contact Monk Development.