Church Pastors: Leadership & Strategy

Barna released a report Church Leaders Emphasize Motivation, But Struggle with Strategy.

More than nine out of every ten Senior Pastors of Protestant churches – 92% Рnow consider themselves to be effective leaders. This is a dramatic increase since 2001, when less than three-fourths of all Senior Pastors deemed themselves to be effective leaders.

But another striking finding from the new research conducted by The Barna Group is how few Senior Pastors believe that they are effective at strategic leadership. While a large majority contends that they are gifted at motivating people, only one out of every seven Senior Pastors (14%) say that they are effective at thinking and acting strategically.

The Barna study indicated that more often than not, the strategic leader is mistakenly perceived to be a manager and gets assigned to overseeing details rather than anticipating and planning for potential opportunities and challenges.

Isn’t this the same problem in the beginning of Acts? I thought the elders chose deacons to help free them up for prayer and the study of the word?