Church & Ministry Credit Card Processing

simplefy.jpg The Tentmaker Group has teamed up with Simplêfy, Inc to offer churches, ministries & companies the best credit card processing rates available.  

Simplêfy is a consulting arm for First Data.  In our unique partnership we are able to leverage and negotiate the best pricing for our prospective clients.  Typically, the merchant processing and the management of the processing portfolio of any company are handled by an Independent Service Organization or "ISO".  This "third party" vendor, be it Chase Merchant Services, Wells Fargo etc purchases the processing from First Data and resells it to the merchant.

Simplêfy can provide the most cost effective pricing for prospective clients because they literally usher the merchant directly to the source, thus the merchant receives their processing and contract from a FDMS (First Data Merchant Services) alliance bank.    Simplêfy/FDMS conducts an audit of the prospect's current fee schedule and exposes compliance issues that cost the merchant even more money, i.e… Downgrades, EIRFs and any other compliance issue.  Most ISO(s) encrypt day to day processing to make such compliance issues invisible to the untrained eye. We are committed to illuminating such fees and eliminating the "fat and gristle" in your merchant portfolio.

Not only are churches/ministries able to go with the global leader of credit card processing, but Simplefy will invest monthly on new accounts into Tentmakers.  In turn, Tentmakers will use the money for church planting and city transformation.

Churches & Ministries:  Receive a free credit card processing audit for your church or ministry.

Companies: Receive a free credit card processing audit for your company.  Learn why companies like Walmart & Disneyland go direct to First Data to save the most money and be supported directly by their processor.