Church Marketing Sucks

Interesting Site about Church Marketing: Church Marketing Sucks
In response to one of the posts, a church adopted the slogan “now 17% less judgmental” which caused a little reaction:

We have outraged Christians that are angered that we would say that their church is judgmental and we have outraged people that we are only 17% less judgmental. When we start to talk with both of these groups I think they start to understand where we’re coming from, so let me try and explain it a little bit here.

Full response here.
Billy GrahamThe site also attacks the grandfather of evangelism, Billy Graham

Billy Graham Preaches to the Choir
I’ve been seeing Billy Graham’s face on some of the web sites I regularly visit: and Both are Christian sites and both are carrying ads for a Billy Graham TV special.
Let me get this straight: They’re doing a TV special to present the gospel (what else does Billy do?), so they advertise on sites with primarily Christian audiences? And there’s no ‘invite a friend’ spin to the ads, it’s just ‘watch Billy’. Seems like the BGEA is off the mark this time.

Full article here.