Building a Church Movement of Gospel Centered Communities

I found the document posted below from years ago. It brought together a variety of resources and thoughts I and others have posted on leading Mission/Gospel Communities. It takes a lot of the writing/posts I did back in 2006-2008 on how Kaleo transitioned to Missional Communities. Some of these things looked great in theory, some worked and others are a work-in-progress.
It has been rewarding to hear of people over the years who have been influenced by some of these writings and the impact it has been to them. I have been blessed to hear some who were introduced to the MC-model through I’m blessed to have been connected to people like David Fairchild, Jeff Vanderstelt, Caesar Kalinowski, Steve Timmis, Tim Chester, Mike Goheen and many others who shaped my thinking. Much of the thought has gone further than these ideas, and you can find them at the GCM Collective. The GCM Collective exists to promote, create and equip Gospel Communities on Mission. Today the GCM Collective is the largest organized community of missional leaders in the world.
For those who’d like to grab this pdf (see below), here’s an outline of some of what it covers:
The Values of a Gospel-Centered Missional Community
Forms of Expressing the Church
– Triperspectival Ecclesiology
– Plurality of Elders & First Amongst Equals
– Leading a Decentralized Movement
– Missional Eldership
– Leading a Movement not an Institution
The Community
– The Gospel work in Community
– Missional Leaders in Community
– Leadership Development in Community
>> Missional Community Leaders
>> Deacons/Servants
>> Counselors
– Missional Community Leader Assessment Interview
Multiplying Missional Communities
Organic Movement – Reverse Church Planting

Download: (Sample of some of the pages, full pdf is 34 pages long)
Hope this is helpful! One day I wanted to take this, edit it, update it and create a e-book of sorts. Here’s a sample of a graphic from the pdf: