America's Most Innovative Churches of 2008 – Really?

0807_feature_innovative.gifWhy are America's Most Innovative Churches also some of the largest in America?  Northpointe, NewSpring, Saddleback et al are nominees for the award in 2008.    Is this like when Taco Bell wins best Mexican food because it's the most voted place in town?  Aren't there small churches who are doing innovative things too?  It seems like smaller churches should have more freedom to be innovative.  House church movements?  Harbor's multi-site, multi-congregational non-video venue model?  Soma's multi-congregational, involved discipleship (street walking) and dialogue based services?  How about people who are doing amazing mercy ministries, changing a city, Tentmakers, re-thinking church structures based on changing paradigms? 

Hmmm…according to the survey these aren't considered as much as podcasts, blogging, websites, social networking, film production and video venues ….