All Church Planting Bootcamp Sessions

I've uploaded nearly all of the Church Planting Bootcamp Sessions.  You can now hear the session and download the notes on:

Session #1: Why Start a Church – Scott Thomas
Starting a new church has multifaceted innate challenges. Struggling over the motivation for starting a new church cannot be one of the challenges. So, how do we get over this hurdle of being resolved in our motivation to start a new church? We will explore ten principles for the potential planter to help him determine his motivation for starting a church. The planter will walk away in resolve to follow God’s calling—to start a church or to serve Him in another capacity.

Why Start a Church mp3

Why Start a Church doc

Session #2: Gospel-Centered Theology – David Fairchild
In this session we are going to look at the place of theology in the life of the church, individual, and family. The importance of theology can not be overstated since it is our thoughts about God that shape much of how we live our lives and pastor our churches. Theology, however, should be gospel saturated or else it becomes an intellectual exercise rather than a living, pulsing, life changing truths. Here we seek to answer what the Bible is all about, and how all of history is about Jesus and His gospel.

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Session #3: Biblical Missiology – Mike Gunn
The church is not a place, but a gathering of individuals into a community to be equipped for the sake of the mission (Acts 14:27). Thus most of our assimilation structures and programs are designed around an internal ecclesiology, and a self centered discipleship process. Everything is individual and internally centered, and the church has forgotten its mission to the world.

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Session #4: Leading the Mission – Daniel Montgomery
A leader as elder, must continually check himself. Daniel looks at the motivations, heart attitude and traits required to lead a church.

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Workshop : Technology and Mission – Drew Goodmanson
There are numerous opportunities for churches to use technology to expand their reach, spread the gospel and gather people to your local church. Come learn practical ways to enhance your ministry and become incarnational-minded in how you do online ministry. Learn from case studies and best practices from churches that have been successful online.

(This session is being converted to a flash movie to see the 45 PowerPoint slides & audio together.)

Workshop : Don't Go It Alone – Dave Fandey
Proverbs 24:6 says, "For by wise guidance you will wage war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory." Likewise, Proverbs 15:22 says, "Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed." Got the picture? Learn how to build and work with an outside advisory team which is an essential step towards sanity and success in church planting.

Don't Go It Alone mp3

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Workshops : Replanting a Missional Church – Scott Thomas
Over 3,500 churches in America are closing their doors for good every year. 70% of all churches are in decline. Replanting a missional church will explore this option of using the seeds of the past to intentionally die with dignity so that much fruit could be harvested as a replanted church (John 12).

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download Replanting a Missional Church – Test doc

Session #5: Gospel Journey – Dick Kaufmann

download My Gospel Journey mp3

Session #6: The Gospel Driven Church – Dick Kaufmann
One of the most important questions you can ask about ministry is: What kind of church do we want? What kind of church are we seeking to plant, grow and be? The purpose of this paper is to challenge you to think clearly about what kind of church you are aiming for, by presenting how we at Harbor Church are thinking about this.

The Gospel Driven Church mp3

The Gospel Driven Church doc

download The Gospel Driven Church – Case Study doc

Session #7: Qualifications of a Lead Planter – David Fairchild
In this session we will look at the importance of planting with a qualified lea
s). We will examine what the scriptures teach us about those men who are leading the charge to plant a church see God’s kingdom advance and His gospel progress. What are the qualifications of a man who steps out if faith? How do we discern if we are ready or not? These are the pressing questions we will seek to answer for those considering planting as well as for those who need to be refreshed and reminded of the significance of their role.

Qualifications of a Lead Planter mp3

Session #8: Multiplying by Multi-Site – Doug Swagerty
More and more churches are implementing the multi-site church model each year, but in almost every case, it is being used by large churches as a solution to crowded facilities. Before Harbor Presbyterian Church in San Diego had a single member, Dick Kaufmann and Doug Swagerty committed the church plant to an intentional multi-site model. After six years the church has six Sunday worship sites with a goal to add ten more over the next four years. In this presentation on Multi-Site ministry, you will learn not only about what has happened at Harbor, but also how and why this strategy can work for other church planters as well. Doug will also cover the topics of staffing, centralization, decentralization, and building team dynamics.

Multiplying by Multi-Site mp3

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Multiplying by Multi-Site ppt

Workshop : The Gospel Centered Mess – Daniel Montgomery

download The Gospel Centered Mess mp3

Workshop : Missional Worship: The Fuel that Ignites a Passion for God's Glory – Brian Thomas
"During the Worship break-out session, Brian Thomas will lead a discussion on understanding man's ultimate needs and how they are met in Gospel-centered worship. We will define the elements of missional worship and why it should be Spirit led, Biblically saturated, attentive to local context, faithful to the spirit of traditions, God-centered, Christ exalting, and motivated by a desire to proclaim the worth of God to the nations. In this lecture, Brian will give encouragement to pastors and worship leaders on why it is important to build a clear theology of worship for their ministries and congregations. We will conclude with a time for questions and answers."

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