A Gospel Centered Community (Total Church Session 2)

Total Church Conference
Speaker: Steve Timmis
Session 2: A Gospel Community Centered
Total Church Session 2
Total Church
When we use the word ‘church’ we are almost always miscommunicating both to the Christian and non-Christian. It seems we’ve lost the battle with this word. Why should we use a term where we are almost always communicating the wrong thing?
Church is far more than a community of religious people, it is a whole new world order. In Jesus miracles he showed us what eternity is like.
How do we create a community where the gospel progressively permeates every part of it?
Launch Video of Q/A Session
Q: How do you avoid judgmentalism in a community? How do we not care about being judged?
Q: How do we live life in community if we don’t have the leadership to do this? One of the most common complaints of churches, but it’s not an issue found in the NT. (How our false view of leadership impacts our ability to be the church.)
Q: Is the gospel specific enough to address the complex political and economic of issues to life?
Q: How does the gospel impact stewardship, for example our retirement?
..amongst others.