This seems to be the month of conference announcements as we all plan our new year.  I want to add another one for you to consider:  The 2007 Multi–Site Church Conference (the model is not multi-site through video venue but through pastors preaching at multiple sites).     The conference is hosted by Harbor Presbyterian & The model of church planting comes from by Richard Kaufmann, while Executive Pastor at Redeemer Manhattan, and now is the model they are using at Harbor Presbyterian here in San Diego. Doug Swagerty now serves as Executive Pastor and will be leading the conference.    We at Kaleo Church have embraced the model because it allows us to:

 – Plant churches faster and with lower resources. 

 – Centralized administrative tasks allow church planters to focus on ministry without the details of managing an organization.

Other info on the event from the website:

During the two days, we will be presenting not only the model and strategy that we are using at Harbor, but we also will be highlighting other forms of multi-site ministry that some of you are doing.  In addition, we want to share in more detail why we decided to use this model as a church-planting strategy to reach additional communities in San Diego.  So we are planning to present and address a variety of models for churches at all stages of their development.  Approximately half of the conference will be plenary sessions on such topics as “Why Multi-Site Ministry,” “Models of Multi-Site Ministry,” “Pillars of Multi-Site Ministry,” and “The Importance of Team Ministry.”  Then we will also have a number of breakout sessions on such topics as leadership structure, leadership development, central services, financing and budgeting for multi-site ministry, centralized ministries, and the nuts and bolts of getting started on a second site. 

You can register for the conference online by going to dates will be March 13-14.