WFX 2011 Develop a Powerful Church Web Strategy

“Develop a Powerful Church Web Strategy” WFX 2011 Session Now Available.

Thank you for attending our sessions at WFX 2011. Below is a link to the PDF of the presentation “Develop a Powerful Church Web Strategy” session. I pray the content helps you spread the gospel where you live and to the ends of the earth.

Our passion is helping ministries further the gospel by building appropriate web strategies for their calling.  

Password: For those who attended and requested access, your password was included in the email.  You can request access here.

Description: How do you identify and execute a web strategy that is appropriate for your church? Learn how to rally your organization and web engagement around a clear vision. Gain insights on building an online strategy for your ministry that you can execute and experience positive results to impact your ministry. Experience the process some of the largest churches and fastest growing churches in the US have gone through. This session will help you be able to:

– Build an effective and an appropriate online plan
– Lead your team through building a web strategy
– Learn from the best practices from leading churches 
– Better steward your resources online

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