Trans:Mission (Soul Creative)

TransMissionSergio Castro performed “spoken word” for a crowd estimated to be 170 people. “Worship is dangerous. Worship of God is forbidden in many parts of the world. Music reaches into the subconscious. Music is a natural channel to express one’s true feelings toward God. Music makes us part of creation. In the book of Job, it says the stars sang. Perhaps creation did not begin with a big bang after all; perhaps it began with worship,” said Castro, keeping rhythm with a beat from DJ Tony Vasquez. As the duo, known as The Root of Jesse, performed, an artist stationed on the stage’s right side painted a canvas. At the stage’s left, a PowerPoint screen rotated images of children and communities from around the world. Performances by Dance Floor Prophets and Soul Water followed. At this event held in the basement of Horizon Park Chapel in Banker’s Hill, several artists’ work was displayed. The art expressed Christian themes — the Holy Spirit represented by fire and a surreal collage about Judas’s betrayal of Jesus. Charlene Rice, a painter from Rancho Cucamonga, donated her work to the event. “We want to raise money in a creative way through the use of art and music. This is not your grandmother’s Catholic prayer group,” said Rice loudly over the music. “The art here isn’t the Passover art people hang over their dining room table. This art speaks to this generation.” With paint and seeds, Rice had fashioned a cross-shaped device. “The Christian art community is too saturated with angels, flowers, and trees. People’s souls are deep wells and I want to speak to them through my abstract expressions.”
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