Third Day Churches

San Diego Churches - Third DayThird Day Churches is a house church movement founded in San Diego that has since spread to eight countries. Gary Goodell birthed the idea in 2001 from 34 years of ministry experience that spans 12 independent charismatic churches. “I wanted to experiment with the size, location, and way people do church,” said Goodell about these churches that meet in people’s homes. “We don’t always preach or teach. Some evenings are question-and-answer, worship, or even silence. We want to rethink the form of church in this new millennium. Christ died before the resurrection. We need to let a part of the church die.” Goodell said these new forms of church will have a better chance to reach this generation. “I believe we are going to see a great turning of the hearts of this generation to God.”

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  • Bruce

    July 3, 2005, 4:10 am

    No usual “parting question”?

    That was an interesting review though….

  • D. Goodmanson

    July 3, 2005, 9:33 am

    No parting question. It was an interesting experience. There was a lot of other stuff I could have put in the article too but no room!

  • Adrian Sinke

    July 24, 2005, 6:50 am

    Having just viewed the DVD’s of the conferance you have written about I am sorry to say that you have left out a large portion of what was being shared by Mr. Cooke. I agree that he spoke of prophecy within the church and I do understand some of the conerns of others. My concern is that in the writing of the article a vast portion regarding body life, relationship centered services and purposes of leadership in the body was left out.

  • D. Goodmanson

    July 25, 2005, 4:44 pm


    The article was primarily a look at Third Day less a look at the Cooke and the conference. I only attended one session of the conference. The limitation of about 800 words means you can’t focus on everything….