San Diego Sheep & Goats Kabbalah“Kabbalah is a spiritual wisdom that precedes all religions. It was founded over 4000 years ago. Kabbalah is not really a religion or Jewish mysticism but a spiritual technology. Kabbalah teaches people how to attain lasting fulfillment. The tools of Kabbalah provide peace of mind, transformation, and the ability to rid ourselves of uncertainty in our lives. Kabbalah exposes the real nature of God. God is nothing more or less than a lasting energy. God is not a god that punishes us or rewards us. It is people who follow religions with a mindset of ‘God is doing this’ that are missing the real game.” Joseph Shvili told the class that the rules of the game are like natural laws. “Gravity has nothing to do with being Protestant or Catholic. It’s a principle of the universe. If you know the principles, you can play the game and win.”
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