Temple Emanu-El

San Diego Reader Sheep & GoatsMy wife was raised Jewish. She still can speak & write a little Hebrew. This was my first experience attending a Shabbat service. Read this weeks column: Temple Emanu-El >

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  • daphna shmuely

    January 25, 2005, 9:06 pm

    how are you?
    i would like to ask you something.
    lately i have done for some jewish families that came to israel to
    celebrate their kids bar mitzva, i have done the blessings as gifts to the
    guests. and i have done my judaica medallions also as gifts to the kids
    guests.therefore i would like to know if you can give me the information\
    e-mails of the jewish families that you know from your place \community that
    maybe are coming to make their bar mitzva\ wedding in israel? it will be a
    great help and i can give you the commission.