St. Gregory of Nyssa Greek Orthodox Church

San Diego Sheep & Goats  St. Gregory of Nyssa Greek Orthodox ChurchI believe the [Greek Orthodox Church] is the true church, but I’m not going to rub it in anyone’s face,” said Nazo Zakkak, an altar boy at St. Gregory of Nyssa Greek Orthodox Church. Zakkak said he believes this because the roots of the faith go back to the formation of the Christian church and the traditions remain unchanged.
“The Greek Orthodox tradition by our own view is the truest expression and most consistent expression of Christianity,” said Reverend Father Demetri Tsigas. The Greek Orthodox Church traces its roots to the day of Pentecost, when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to the Apostles to begin the mission of the Church to the world. In 1054, the Greek Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church split into two.
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