San Diego Reader SoundtrackI contributed to the feature article in the San Diego Reader, Soundtrack.

Black Celebration by Depeche Mode

My life changed forever when I was 13 years old. Up until this time, my thoughts were filled with jumping my BMX bike off curbs and lighting things on fire in my back yard. This day didn’t seem all that different from any other day, but it became the day that divided my life into two. It was on this day I lost my pop-culture virginity to Depeche Mode. (continued at the bottom of this page.)

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  • Kevin Cawley

    August 10, 2005, 7:01 pm

    Drew– you’re a great writer, and I love reading all your stuff in the Reader– this is no exception. I have never been a huge DMODE fan (though I remember the first time I listened to Music For The Masses all the way through), but totally resonate with the way elements of culture– music especially– seem to provide an interpretive framework for our lives.

    Thanks again for writing– I always enjoy it!