Search Engine Engineered (SEE)

My quest for a new phrase to be added to our vernacular:

This may sound crazy, but I think Search Engine Optimizaiton should have an additional classification: Search Engine Engineering (SEE).
Often when I work with clients to optimize their pages, I have many limitations to what I can change. BUT if a client brings me in from the beginning, prior to one line of code, we can sit down and build a site that is more than optimized, it is Engineered. The important thing is the ability to differentiate with clients. All too often a client will have been ‘pitched’ SEO services but they end up only editing meta data or other trival seo changes. Now professionals can say, “we’re talking more than just seo, we are talking about engineering your pages from ground up to succeed on search engines.” It’s a totally different conversation.
SEE is a different conversation that says, “ok do you want me to optimize what you’ve got or do you want to engineer these pages. Engineered pages will significantly outperform optimized pages. The choice is yours.
I’d love to have this site be a leader on this conversation because many of us value your insight and others.

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