San Diego First Assembly

Churches in San Diego“The Pentecostal church is the fastest growing movement in the history of the world. It has grown from nowhere to half-a-billion people,” said Pastor Todd Hudnall. “God is fulfilling his great commission to the world using the Pentecostal church. Pentecostal Power is all about Acts 1:8 power, to be a witness to God.” In Acts 1:8, Jesus promised the church power through the Holy Spirit to evangelize the entire world. Pentecostals hold a distinctive belief that there is a second baptism for believers. “The first baptism is into Christ. The second baptism is into the Holy Spirit,” said Hudnall. “It is an empowering of what you could not have done before. For me, [my second baptism] gave me a new exuberance and passion. [Christians] have a tendency to become satisfied and complacent with what we’ve received,” said Hudnall.
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