San Diego Christian Reformed Church

San Diego Reader“In the past, people’s mindset was, if people aren’t having kids, how is the Reformed faith going to grow?” said Rick Roeda, the director of youth ministries at San Diego Christian Reformed Church (SDCRC). “Reformed churches primarily grow through birth and through church transfer. We’re not as seeker-friendly as the Rock or happy-clappy churches.” Roeda estimated that over 85 percent of people who transfer to SDCRC do so out of a theological conviction. “People come from Shadow Mountain or the Calvary system because they want to move from some of the teachings they have received to a deeper theology.” Roeda said he did not want to be critical of these churches. San Diego Reformed Church“If someone was a new believer, I would recommend these churches to them. What they are doing is appealing in that they have a tremendous growth of new believers.” Roeda said SDCRC is in a transitional phase. “Right now there is a wake-up call, a realization that in order for [Reformed Churches] to survive as a group, we need to get out of our shells. The typical reformed experience is one where people come to church reverent, they don’t say much. An organ leads them through several hymns before the pastor preaches. People come with their Sunday best on for the Lord.”
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