San Diego Churches Bahai“We believe that there is only one religion. All other paths that people take are legitimate paths, which represent only one of God’s manifestations,” said Susan Collins, about Muslims, Jews, Christians, and other world religions. For 18 years, Collins has served on a spiritual assembly that leads the San Diego Bahai community. “While we encourage people to be close to their holy books and continually investigate the truth, our writings tell us it is a responsibility of ours to help [other faiths] recognize the new writings for this age.
Bahai teaches that God sends a prophet for a specific time period to teach people. The prophet’s teachings change as humanity is ready to understand more of God’s instruction. “BahaiAbraham came while people were hunter-gatherers and unified them into a family. Jacob unified families into tribes, Moses took tribes into a nation, Jesus unified city-states, and Muhammad unified city-states into a nation. Abraham, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed were a few of the prophets God spoke through. They preached the same spiritual message, even if they taught a different social teaching,” said Cameron Banyan. Banyan volunteers to host introductory gatherings to teach visitors the ways of Bahai. Each Monday night, people are invited to his parents’ home in the hills of La Jolla to ask questions and learn about Bahai. Last Monday, I was the only person to attend Banyan’s introductory session.
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