San Diego Sheep & Goats“Fundamentalist Muslims are manifesting what they believe today. Their mission is to change the world so that it is under their control. If you don’t agree with them, they will kill you. They don’t value or respect other people’s lives or even their own lives. They will have no mercy. Americans may want to be tolerant, peaceful and loving, but [Fundamentalist] Muslims will get rid of [these Americans] because they are not following their teachings. They want to change the lifestyle of everyone to the way things were 1000 years ago. The culture, customs, and dress will return to the Stone Age. These Muslims undermine women, who are considered second-class citizens. These Muslims want to tell you what to wear, eat, and how you live. If a person doesn’t go by their rules, they are justified in their killing of you,” said Getachew (Gary) Wymedihin, chairman of the board at Salvation Gate Ministry. Salvation Gate Ministry is a group of San Diego–based Ethiopians whose stated mission is to bring the revelation of God and His kingdom to Islamic regions. Salvation GateFundamentalist Muslims have targeted Africa as a continent to Islamize as part of their growth strategy. “Ethiopia is being targeted by Muslims. Muslims believe if Ethiopia is converted, Islam will spread through all of Africa,” said Henock Menebo, the founder of Salvation Gate Ministry. Menebo said this is based on a plan that Muslims devised and taught at a 1989 conference in Nigeria. “There are three reasons Ethiopia is central to their plans,” said Menebo. “First, it is the capital city of the African nations, with ambassadors from every African country present there. Second, Ethiopia has the second largest number of ambassadors, second only to New York. Third, the Ethiopian city of Harer is considered the fifth holiest place, according to Islam.”
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