OGRE – Organization of Gospel-Centered Reformed Entrepreneurs

I’ve been looking at joining The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). I have had several friends who have or currently are a part of this and speak highly of it. A few of the benefits they suggest include:

  • I need to find other people like me; those who understand what it’s like to own a business.
  • I need to solve business or personal challenges I haven’t faced before. I’m walking in the dark here.
  • I need to expand my network, get out there and meet people who can help me grow.

This led me to think about some of the challenges we face at Monk as it relates to operating a business with gospel-distinction framed in a redemptive-historical worldview.

  • How do you hire/fire, deal with performance based roles (sales)
    with a grace-centered perspective?
  • How do you deal with ‘competition‘? What is the balance between being competitive and seeking excellence?
  • How do you go beyond trying to apply ‘Biblical Principles’. How does a redemptive worldview shape your profit motives? How does grace-renewal change your organizational goals?
  • How do you deal with issues of calling, ministry-involvement and mission within the business world?

These are just a few of the reasons I think there is a need for OGRE – Organization of Gospel-Centered Reformed Entrepreneurs. Is there anyone else out there? I would imagine we’d use similar standards for membership that EO does: (or does this qualifications contradict our OGRE worldview?)

To qualify, you must:
* Be the founder, co-founder or owner of a company
* Hold one of the above titles for a company that grosses more than US$1 million annually
* Join before age 50
* For venture-backed companies to qualify for membership they must have privately raised funds of US $2M or publically raised funds of US$5M, and 10 full-time employees. Venture backed companies have three years before they must meet the standard qualification of US $1M in gross annual

Let me know if there is interest…