Mormon Shock
This letter is in reference to an article that was printed in the Reader on July 28 under the section “Sheep and Goats, Places of Worship Reviewed.” I am outraged that such an article was even written.
This article reviews a lecture given by a so-called pastor by the name of Gabriel Carlin. He is no doubt blasphemous against the Mormon religion. His statements are disrespectful and untrue, and I am outraged that the Reader would see fit to print such an article that degrades the beliefs of others. This man is uneducated about the Mormon faith. He fell away from the church, so all he knows is hatred and revenge. These are by no means Christ-like attributes in someone who claims to be a preacher. To set the record straight, Mormons are very God-fearing Christian people. Christ is the center of our religion, and our beliefs are based around Him and God the Father. Mormonism is growing because of the internal belief that people feel when they study our principles. They are never forced to join our church, but when they do their lives are enriched beyond measure. These are surely no signs of a “cult,” as Mr. Carlin tries to convey.
At any rate, I am shocked that this article found its way inside the Reader, and in the future I hope that these kinds of articles are not given any kind of consideration.
Name Withheld
(in response to this article: Unchained Internet Radio