Monk Development has a number of ministry sites coming down the pipeline, here are a few of our recent launches:
RUFReformed University Fellowship (RUF) has spread to more than 100 campuses across the country and has grown to include well over 200 full time staff. RUF holds to the core beliefs of historic Christianity which motivate their heart for God and love for the university. Some of these beliefs include the need for new life in Christ, the authority of the Scriptures, and the mission of the Church to reach and equip all people with the message of the gospel.
Worship NetworkThe Worship Network began as a television programming broadcaster on PAX-TV. They created award-winning nature videos, combined with thematic scripture and music, brought comfort and hope to over 80 million households. In 2005 Worship expanded into a digital, 24-hour network. In addition to their original programming (now shot in High Definition), they offer online streaming, DVDs, and CDs to provide viewers with even more opportunities for personal worship. Today, partnerships with hospitals, publishing companies, and other organizations give them new ways to share inspiration and encouragement, and their Nature of Worship initiative connects worship leaders around the country with resources and ideas.
American VisionAmerican Vision (AV) has been at the heart of worldview study since 1978, providing resources to exhort Christian families and individuals to live with a biblically based worldview. Whether by making available educational resources about God & Government, or by tackling the formidable issue of eschatology in the Church, AV is on the front lines. AV circulates material around the globe to Christians passionate to meet God on His terms in every area of life—right now and for generations to come.
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