Maranatha Seventh Day Adventist

Maranatha“Today’s passage tells us about a slave girl that was pimped twice over. She was being pimped by her master and she was being pimped by Satan,” said Pastor Andrea King. King’s sermon, The Art of Praise, was based on Acts chapter 16. “The girl earned a great deal of money for her owners by fortune-telling. But after Paul cast out the demon, the Psychic Friends Network was canceled; the dial-a-demon network was disconnected. That’s the danger with the power of messing around with Jesus. You may get saved. You can’t come into the presence of God too many times without being changed. “The girl’s owners wanted Paul and Silas arrested because they cast the demon out. They had no formal charge, so the authorities arrested them by pulling the race card. The only charge against them was being a Jew. I wonder if someone here can relate,” asked Pastor King rhetorically. “Has someone here been pulled over for something, or maybe it would be better to say nothing.” Pastor King went on to encourage the congregation to praise God no matter the circumstances.
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