Gospel Sales Cycles – Redemptive Historical Selling

Can there be a gospel sales cycle that follows the pattern of redemptive history?  This idea came to me as we discuss the Tentmaker Group and seek to launch our Gospel@Work ministry.  We believe that not one square inch of all things isn't claimed by Christ.  Let me give you an example.  I recently spoke to a person who worked at a 'custom closet installation' company.  Her job was to sell, design and install custom closets.

Creation – God created the world and it was good.  Mankind was called to cultivate the earth to reflect God's glory.  Communication was good.  Life was in order.  There was no 'clutter' or chaos.  From this creation, customers sense their 'ideal solution' and that there is a 'better way'.

Fall – Through sin all of our dominion has been marred.  Chaos enters.  The fall leads to waste, messy lives and cause us to toil against the constant degradation of our self and our surrounding.  Customers now know that something 'is wrong' with the way things are.  There is a constant struggle and problem with their life and needs.  Their closets become a mess and the sense a 'lostness' to their things.

Redemption – We are still called to steward this earth.  Custom closets seek to fight against the fall and chaos.  The sales person seeks to point to 'a better way' that brings a solution to the 'fall'.  It is points to God's redemptive plan.   A good sale is a redemptive picture that points to the necessary and finished work of Jesus Christ.  (The sale never is a 'perfect solution' though.  We live in an already/not yet tension) 

Glorification – Ultimately, we know the solution is only a sign.  One day we will not have messy closets and lives.  We will not hoard possessions and live in chaos.  We must wait until Christ returns to set all things in order.

How does your sales motivation change when you see it as part of God's redemptive history?  Is the gospel everywhere….even in sales?  I think so…