Faith Community Church by the Sea

San Diego Churches“‘Americans should select and prefer Christians as their rulers,'” said Pastor Doug Baker. Baker quoted America’s first Supreme Court justice, John Jay. Baker’s quote was in response to the nomination process of chief justice nominee John G. Roberts Jr., a Catholic. “The Ten Commandments are what our founding fathers used to build our country. Our system doesn’t work if we are a people without moral standards that God approves.” Faith Community Doug BakerBaker said he believes our country has drifted from an adherence to God’s moral code. “Just look at the looting after Katrina. I’m not talking about the people who took for survival, but people who stole for personal gain. This speaks a lot about the heart of the people. Our nation needs to evaluate where our heart is at. If you look at the history of mankind, Rome, the Greeks, and all other empires ceased to exist when they began to fall into perversion and corruption.” Pastor Baker believes this is where America could go to, if things aren’t changed. Baker suggested people listen to a sermon he gave on July 4, where he presented quotes from America’s founding fathers and their allegiance to God. “Ultimately, though, our [church’s] emphasis is on moral issues, not political influence.”
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