I’d like people at the Emergent Conference to respond for my Reader article.
Where do you live:
Home Church:
(answer as many of the following)
What is the emergent movement? How is it different from traditional churches?
Where the is the emergent movement going?
How are you emergent?

Christian Thought: (my editor sent me this list.)
1. In your own words, what do you have to do to get to heaven?
2. What will happen to you if you don’t get to heaven?
3. Who — of the other religions that you know of– will be saved?
4. In the end-times, what will happen to non-Christians, say Jews?
5. What about Catholics or Eastern Orthodox?
6. What errors are you aware of in other faiths?
7. What do you think of the Pope?
8. Can anyone follow Jesus and vote for homosexual marriage? Abortion?
What will happen to those who believe they are following Jesus and support
abortion? Homosexual marriage?
9. Who would you include in your definition of cult? Jehovah’s Witnesses?
Mormons? Buddhists? Hindus? Sikhs?
10. What do you make of the idea of sainthood? What saints, if any, do you revere. To what saints, if any, do you offer prayers?
11. Describe what you think heaven will be like? Describe Hell? Any other
places– purgatory, limbo?
12. Tell us what you know about Martin Luther, John Calvin, Thomas More, John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, Joseph Smith.
13. What do you make of TV evangelism? Who, among TV evangelists, do you believe is the most trustworthy?
14. Have you ever been moved to tears by religious experience? Describe.
15. What is the relation between religion and sex? Is too much sex sinful?
What does your church teach about masturbation, contraception?
16. What do you think about marriages between people of different faiths?
17. What would be sufficient cause to ask a minister to step down? Gossiping about church members? Flirtation? Homosexuality? Adultery? Stealing money?
18. What about divorce? Under what circumstances, if any, does God condone divorce?
19. Should women cut their hair?
20. What about dancing? Is dancing immoral?
21. How do you believe that God regards Mormons? The Angel Moroni?
22. Should women wear cosmetics?
23. What does your church teach about marriage? Who, for instance, is to be “head” of the household?
24. What does your church teach about tobacco? Coffee?
25. What does your church teach about the Virgin Mary?
26. Would you, if you are unmarried, date a Jew? A Catholic? A Methodist? An Episcopalian? Would you try to convert your date to your set of beliefs?
27. What does your church teach about the Holocaust?
28. What does your church teach about the Inquisition?
29.. What does your church teach about the Reformation?
30. What does your church teach about the Counter-Reformation?
31. Does your church teach that Americans are more likely to go to heaven than are those of other nationalities?
32. Does your church teach that the end-times are near? If so, how near? What are the signs?