Cobblestone Community Network Goes Live

Cobblestone was created to help your community be the church. Cobblestone is designed to encourage behaviors that are important for the body of the local church. Learn how Cobblestone can assist you with objectives such as:

  • Helping People find opportunities to Serve
  • Connecting People into Community
  • Creating effective and powerful Communication channels
  • Managing Events
  • Discipleship and Accountability Groups
  • and many more features.

cobblestonescreenshotCobblestone is designed to move people deeper into real relationships. Cobblestone automates much of the administration, for example it can automatically connect people into home groups based on your criteria, so you can spend your time in relationship not administrating. This powerful web application automates many of the processes to allow your people to focus on the relationships not the administration. For example, our Group Permissions Agent can connect new members to the small group nearest them (or other criteria your church sets.) Use Cobblestone to manage Events on both your public website and within your community site. Push missional events into third-party Social Media sites such as Facebook. Learn more about these and many other ways Cobblestone can help facilitate the mission of your church.