Churches and Social Networking Study

Unconventional Method began to design research to explore what churches are doing effectively online in this area and help shape the understanding of how churches can use the internet to gather, disciple and build community. From January 27 through February, almost 1,000 people participated in an exploratory survey examining what churches are doing with social and community networks. Phase I research began to frame the landscape & attitudes in this space. In this research we examined questions such as:
* What feature/functionality are Christians seeking for social networking?
* What Social Media strategies and services do they or their church use?
* What Christian social media websites do they participate in?
Some key findings:

  • Facebook was the most used Church Web Media strategy.
  • Of the Christian Social Networking sites reviewed 82% of respondents had no awareness that they existed.

Top 5 Requested Features/Functionality sought:
1. Ability to find, register, and/or get details for events.
2. Ability to post prayer requests or needs.
3. Ability to find serving opportunities at the church based on interest or gifts.
4. Ability to join and interact with home/bible study groups.
5. Integration with existing church website.
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