Top 10 Church Website Features/Activities

What do people say are the most important features/activities they would like to engage on a church website? So far in our survey of 100 church websites these are what people are saying they want to: (out of 23 activities on the Use of Church Websites by Attendees survey)
Highest Rated
1. Find service information (times, directions, etc).
2. Listen to/download Sermons (audio recordings).
3. Learn about the church’s Beliefs/Mission/Values
4. Connect with other members.
5. Read/download Sermons (text transcripts).
6. Join and/or interact with a home/bible study group.
7. View weekly information/calendar/news/events.
8. Find serving opportunities at the church.
9. Post prayer requests or needs.
10. Read articles or other content.
See the Top 5 Church Website Features/Activities Most Frequently Rated ‘Highest Importance’ and Top 12 Church Website Page Destinations at Church Website Guide. [This is where future survey results will be published.]