Christian Computing Magazine – Church Web Strategy

Christian Computing Magazine (CCMag) has helped to keep its readers informed on software, services and other areas of technology, pertaining to how it relates to the Christian community, the church and ministry since 1989. CCMag was THE first Christian magazine on the Internet. Today, it continues to provide a dynamic web presence, providing its readers “value added” services online.
In July I started writing a monthly Church Web Strategy column. My first article outlined the goals of the column and some of the research we’ve done to prepare for our writing the column. Christian Computing MagazineYour Church Website is Vital for New VisitorsYour Church Website is Vital for New Visitors is my second article that looks at the data we collected from our church web market research projects. Read Your Church Website is Vital for New Visitors (pdf). Here is an excerpt:
Before you read this article, open your church’s website and take a few moments to examine it. What are the visual and content elements that jump out? For whom are these elements designed? Is it primarily a resource for people who already attend your church? Are the largest elements the recent sermon series, events or ministries to serve? Is your church website a place to welcome new people, or does it appear to be a site for regular attendees? Your church website sends a critical message to visitors and impacts whether they will ever visit your church community.