Calvary Chapel San Diego

Calvary Chapel“I was stoned when I accepted Christ,” said Jared Lee, a volunteer at Calvary Chapel San Diego. “When my parents got divorced, I started getting into the drug scene. I would smoke an ounce of weed in three days and would steal. Everything was about getting the next high.” Lee’s life changed when three people approached him in Balboa Park and told him about Jesus. “I found hope. There was something more in life,” said Lee. Lee now believes Christianity is the only true way. “God opened my eyes.” Lee joined Calvary Chapel and participated in their Fellowship in Recovery program. “The program follows the same 12-step program for Alcoholics Anonymous. I went from being a curse to society, as a drug addict and a worthless guy, to a blessing. I moved in to help my grandmother when my grandpa died. I am a high school teacher now, and I work with the youth at church. If I hadn’t accepted Christ, I would be in jail or dead.”
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