All Souls Episcopal Church

San DIego CHurch: All Souls“The Episcopal denomination has always been one of the most inclusive denominations. We don’t fight over doctrine. For example, in my church we have pro-life and pro-choice congregants. My preferences are for life, but the decision needs to be based on the circumstances,” said Reverend Michael Russell of All Souls. Russell declined to provide circumstances in which he would endorse abortion. “Regardless of the circumstances, we wouldn’t expel someone from our church for having an abortion. My job is to teach people how to think as Christians, not what to think.” Russell said All Souls falls on the progressive end of Protestant churches. He summarized his church’s stance on divisive issues, “In any gray area, we would rather include people than exclude them. We are not agents of God’s judgment.”All Souls San Diego Russell said that many All Souls congregants left Roman Catholic and Protestant churches where they were judged for their behavior. “People come to our church because we allow for divorce. Sometimes a marriage is causing so much damage to the people involved that it’s best to get divorced. We are very welcoming to gays and lesbians. When looking at scripture on this issue, we believe the historical circumstances have changed. Tradition, current culture, what scripture says and whether it is still applicable as it was when it was first written are elements to consider on these matters,” said Russell
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