Ministry Design

GCM Collective Update
It's been great to see the online community of GCM Collective grow to over 1,500 missional thinkers and over 10,000 people signed up on the mailing list. For those of you not involved here is a taste of what is...
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Total Church 2.0 Conference Audio
The Total Church 2.0 Conference: I Will Build My Church audio is up. This was our second Total Church Conference and it took much of what we discussed in the first Total Church conference and tried to move it forward...
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Total Church: I Will Build My Church
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Total Church: I Will Build My Church builds off the first Total Church Conference held in San Diego last year. More information will be forthcoming but save the dates of November 17-19 2009. Total Church is a way of thinking...
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The Small Group Host Location is More Important than you Think
Often it may be tempting to pick where you will host a small group primarily on issues such as convenient location, size of house or willingness of the host to open their home. Avoid these temptations. If you agree with...
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Kaleo Vision and Philosophy of Ministry
At the end of last year I posted a document on Kaleo's Philosophy of Ministry created by Tim Cain as he worked to plant a new church site as part of Kaleo. As an updated now there is an added...
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Practical Missional Ecclesiology Workshop
At the Acts 29 Bootcamp in San Diego I led a workshop on how Kaleo Church desires to build church structures, systems and leadership centered on the gospel in community on mission to the world. Prior to listening to this...
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Gospel-Centered Church
David Fairchild was invited to Speak at Cornerstone Church where Francis Chan pastors. He presented two sessions: The Gospel Part 1: What's the big deal about the Gospel? What is it and why should it be central to our community...
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Eldering in a Decentralized Movement
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Kaleo Church began with a vision of preaching the Word and gathering people to be on mission to the world. Originally our dream amounted to being the ‘Mars Hill’ of San Diego, where I had come from and the church...
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2009 Technology & Church Planting Conferences Roadmap
Here are a few good conferences coming up that are on my roadmap: [REVISED 5/11] National Religious Broadcasters Convention & Exposition (February 7-10 Nashville, TN) The NRB annual Convention & Exposition is the largest nationally and internationally recognized event dedicated...
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Creating a Philosophy of Ministry
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Tim Cain is part of the Kaleo Movement. This last year he and his wife journeyed to Bethlehem Baptist to be the church planting intern at John Piper's church. While he was there he has had the opportunity to plan...
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