Here are a few suggested resources for you that I’m involved with:
GCM Collective
GCM Collective – The GCM Collective exists to promote, create and equip Gospel Communities on Mission. A gospel community is a group of believers that lives out the mission of God together as family, in a specific area to a particular people group, by declaring and demonstrating the gospel in tangible forms. Regular people, living ordinary lives, with great gospel intentionality. The GCM Collective is a community that allows people to exchange ideas, resources and encouragement around topics that relate to creating gospel communities on mission
Ekklesia - Church Websites
Ekklesia 360 – Church & Ministry Websites – Ekklesia 360 is the next generation Content Management System. Learn how we can deliver more than a website, we help ministries and churches do ministry online. Ekklesia 360 was developed to make your website deployment as easy as possible. It is used by thousands of churches & ministries.
Cobblestone Community Network
The Cobblestone Community Network was created to help your community be the church. Cobblestone is designed to encourage behaviors that are important for the body of the local church. Learn how Cobblestone can assist you with objectives such as:

  • Helping People find opportunities to Serve
  • Connecting People within Community
  • Effective Communication to your community
  • Managing Events
  • Discipleship and Accountability Groups
  • and much more.