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Some Blogs I've visted recently…

I went on a blog journey the other day…just random clicks and reading, here are some of the places I visited…

Many voices in the conversation. Some louder and more often but none-the-less I find it interesting to listen to what people are speaking about. It was also encouraging to hear such a swarm of Christians talking about how to be missional in our culture. (This was the unifying factor in most of these blogs) By the way, check out this kid is 15 years old and writes about issues more important than most 30-year-old people wrestle with. (Titles of posts include, I Crucified Jesus, Calloused Hearts and Jesus.) Also there is a link to his 9-year-old sister who is journaling her Bible reading, check out a post…

Bible Reading
I got a bible for my birthday this year and now I read it every day. Right now I am on Exodous 39.
I just read about the commands fo God, telling Moses how to make the Priestly Garments and how to set up the Tabernacle. I only have one more chapter before I reach the next book, Leviticus.

How about them apples?


  1. I think that calvarywoodstock blog is a great one! 😉 Thanks for the comments there.

  2. Hello there, I just noticed that you linked to my blog and to my little sisters blog. I really abbreciate all the kind words. Thank you.

    God bless you and keep up the good blogging!

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