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Musicians Wanted in your town! has launched! It hopes to combines, myspace and purevolume into one around the musician community. It just launched the features (ie. classifieds for musicians) next is the myspace/purevolume stuff: (Rankings, MP3 streaming, Directory of Services, Message System, etc.) This is Soft Launch. Check it out. Does it make sense? Did you see any errors. If you are a musician, you can see bands that have posted a musician wanted ad. Or, if you are a band you can find musicians that are ready to play!


  1. Nice work Drew. I hope it takes off.

    I think you forgot to list Australia / Perth as a city. We have an awesome music scene! 😉

  2. D. Goodmanson

    April 5, 2005 at 7:07 pm

    It will be listed as soon as an awesome band from Perth registers. (It’s a dynamic thing)

    Tell a friend to join in!

  3. I will spread the gospel of Musolist

  4. Drew, do you have a press release for Musolist? If you do I can fax it off to some publications around town for you.

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