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Culture & Christ

I’d like to find examples of film (or music, art, or other works) that communicate a view/attack of Jesus by our culture. (The more absurd, subtle and false the better.)

For example, I was watching the movie Love Actually and they showed the nativity scene with Lobsters, Spiderman and all sorts of other crazy creatures while playing the song, ‘Catch a falling star And put it in your pocket’ in contrast to another scene of immorality (where love is above morality) and it played O’ Holy Night. The message was subtle but powerful in it’s attack…

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  1. have you seen the 25th hour with edward norton? its a spike lee film i think, and seems to represent how spike feels about ny post-9/11. theres a reference to christ in the scence where edward norton basically tells ny to f-off as his jail time grows closer. interesting film.

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