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Triperspectival Benedictions

Each week I (or an elder @ Kaleo) end our worship service with a benediction.  I used to do these benedictions based on verses in the bible.  In the last 6-months I have transitioned to Triperspectival Benedictions that follow the sermon.  The three elements of the benediction are:

Normative/Information: What was the passage, topic or emphasis we examined from the Bible.

Existential/Transformation: How, as Christians, are we changed by God in this area?  What is God's grace doing in our lives?

Situational/Sending: What is our call to now live in response to this new reality.  How are we a sent people to be on mission and proclaim/live this reality?

This was today's benediction based on a sermon in Acts chapter 9 that dealt with Paul's conversion and his radical life of faith through the gospel.

Kaleo, may you grow in faith in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ, 

May you see yourself as the children of God.  That you are forgiven, that you are more loved, accepted and approved than you dare imagine.

May you go and live as the children of God, rejoicing and telling everyone the good news of what God has done.

Go in peace. 

Just another crazy triperspectival idea from the Kaleo guys. 


  1. That is absolutely brilliant. Good on you guys!

  2. Nice Drew! Very nice.

  3. Wow! Thanks especially for posting your specific example. I definitely am working at developing my thinking from the normative out to the existential and situational – takes practice.

    Mind if I drop over and witness this some time 🙂

  4. This seems like a great format for a benediction. It seems that the benediction can be a tricky part of the service, and definitely takes spiritual discernment.

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