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Too Reformed vs. Extreme Emergent

A great post over at Ochuk’s blog that he grabbed from Purgatorio.

Emergent vs. Reformed
The a little too Reformed vs. extreme Emergent

You might be Emgerging if…

your worship service looks like:
Emergent WOrship
Prayer Labyrinth

you are listening to:
U2 Emergent
Emergents Like Bono

You have to look at these pics twice because it might be you:
Emergent Guy

You might be Getting a little TOO Reformed if…

Someone tells you they go to:

and you think they’re going:

You hear a news story about some criminals being “reformed” and your first thought is to wonder how many criminals are arminians.

On at least 4 different blogs, you end up in extended wars with arminians arguing about God’s Sovereignty. Your final comment always being a variation of:

You’re looking under your big kid’s bed and find:

and you are way more upset then the time you found:


  1. Wait, does that mean we’re NOT emergent? I thought emergent was a good thing. I need to call my agent and get this staightened out.

  2. That’s a horrible picture of McLaren.

  3. That’s hillarious. I actually had Jerry Walls (author of Why I’m Not a Calvinist) as a professor. He’s a pretty cool teacher, very interesting to hear in lectures.

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